INDIAN AGRICULTURE: Development and Challenges (2 Parts)
Avtar Singh Bimbraw
  • ISBN : 9789390309627
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: Part - I 1. Agriculture: Scope, significance and prospects in India 2. Agriculture history in different periods and places in the World 3. History of agriculture in the Indian subcontinent 4. Neolithic and British agricultural revolution 5. Vision, objective and policy of agriculture exports 6. Agricultural: food security of India 7. Concept, significance and major agriculture cooperatives in India 8. Need, importance and types of agricultural insurance in India 9. Agriculture machinery, mechanization and its prospects in India 10. Types, sources, problems and measures of rural credit in India 11. Agricultural revolutions and their impacts in India 12. History, concept, significance and development of organic farming in India 13. History, significance and distribution of sugar industry in India 14. Production and trade of cotton industry in India 15. Production, manufacture and marketing of raw silk in India 16. Development and prospects of dairy farming in India Part - II 17. Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) 18. Seed classes, seed replacement and tissue culture 19. Crop management for aberrant weather conditions 20. Balanced use of chemicals in agriculture 21. Contributing factors, forms and consequences of debt bondage in India 22. Transgenic crops-biosafety concerns and regulations in India 23. Global greenhouse gases emission and its sources 24. Climate change impacts on livestock 25. Climate change effects on human health 26. Challenges, policies and strategies for India agriculture 27. Causes and statistics of farmer suicides in India