Incredible Tourism of India: Potential, Policies and Practices
Dr U N Shukla and Dr Sharad Kumar Kulshreshtha
  • ISBN : 9789383419838
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The incredibleness of tourism of India exists in its nature, culture and unique tangible and intangible heritage. There are endless outstanding words to experiencing India as incredible tourism destination. India is an amazing, marvellous, mysterious, mesmerizing, mind-blowing, attractive, beautiful, wonderful, awesome, exotic, serene, tranquil, fascinating, spiritual, religious, peaceful, natural, cultural, royal, heritages ecological, adventurous, festive, and hospitable destination for anyone who are really willing to explore this land of huge cultural and natural diversity as tourists hot spots. ‚ÄčThe book will insight about the contemporary the tourism potentials, policies and innovative practices with wide coverage on all states and union territories with special focus of north-eastern states of India. and to explore their magnificent uniqueness as an incredible tourism potential. All contributions have unique collection and representation of respective states and UTs of India which will highlights about the potentials, policies, and practices of Incredible Tourism of India. Apart of these the book will focus on the most contemporary aspects related with recent policy initiatives and developments in field of Indian tourism taken by state and central Government of India. Major emphasis on best global and local tourism practices related with climate changes, global warming, sustainability, livelihood, community participation, sustainable rural tourism, destination planning development, destination cleanliness, tourism entrepreneurship, Skill development, start-ups and digital transformation in tourism practices in each state of India. The major focus of this book will be on three P(s) of tourism: Potentials: The tourism of potentials covers about destination diversities in context of natural, manmade, cultural, traditional attractions including tangible and intangible resources, tourist arrivals, and destination competitiveness of the states. Policies: The contemporary policy for tourism development in the state with all will focus on the areas of tourism planning, destination marketing, and inclusive tourism growth in the state. Practices: The best tourism practices will be related to sustainability, livelihood, community participation, rural tourism, destination development, destination cleanliness, skill development, entrepreneurship and start-ups in the field of tourism as well as digital transformation have adopted to revive tourism practices in each state of India.