Image of India in the Novels of B.M. Croker
Dr Shashidhar G Vaidya
  • ISBN : 9789388859189
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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During the Colonial period with an intention of helping their fellow countrymen the ruling Britons produced a body of writing which coloured their experiences and images of India. The literature produced by the ruling class spread many ideas about this subcontinent among the subjects of England in general and policy makers in particular. The flow of information and ideas led to the genesis of the body of Writing or Literature, which came to be designated as Anglo-Indian Literature. Fiction is the main stream of Anglo-Indian Literature. In the evening of the 19th century, laved in the influence of Rudyard Kipling there appeared a bevy of novelists, as if a school it were. In this line of important women novelists of outstanding merit and achievement Mrs. B.M.Croker occupies a place of her own with dazzling contribution of forty-six works to her credit. Of the forty-six works twenty works deal with India. This book comprises of seven chapters, which are preceded and followed by an introduction and conclusion respectively. It intends to make an in-depth study of her novels with special reference to the various images of India as they get mirrored in her works.