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Illustrated Textbook of Rachna Sharir (Sachitra Rachna Sharir) Volume 1 (Hindi & English)

Illustrated Textbook of Rachna Sharir (Sachitra Rachna Sharir) Volume 1 (Hindi & English)

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Author:Dipali Nijwante and Amol Shirbhate
ISBN 13:9789394829930
Language:Hindi and English
Subject:Ayurveda Medicinal plants and Herbal Medicines

About the Book

Illustrated Textbook of Rachna Sharir with simple language with lucid presentation and clear line drawings and illustrations to make informative and much more student-friendly. 2.Ayurveda topics with Modern correlation and tables for easy and quick grasping with Diagrammatic representation of each Ayurveda and Modern points. 3.Important questions topic wise as per new pattern of Must Know, Desirable to Know, Nice to Know pattern. 4.Clinical aspects of Ayurveda and Modern science given separately. 5.Topic wise learning objectives, case scenario and MCQ’s of Ayurveda and Modern with solved answer explained separately. 6.Additional useful important points of Anatomy are also included other than that in the syllabus. 7.All-important references from Brihadtrayi and other Samhitas are given and all ayurveda terms are written in Sanskrit in bold font, so that students can understand the terms. 8.Ayurveda & Modern Mnemonics, important points, MCQ’s with solved answer and explanation, important slokas, all this together is given for practice and revision at the end of the book. 9.Useful for BAMS students as well as Postgraduate students of Rachana Sharir.