ICSSR Research Surveys and Explorations: Psychology (5 Volumes Set)
Edited by Girishwar Misra
  • ISBN : 9780199499663
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Volume One of this survey, Cognitive and Affective Processes, discusses the developments in the study of cognitive and affective processes within the Indian context. It examines the growth of applied cognition and positive psychology as research fields. It also analyses how pedagogy responds to a shift in the practices of knowing and learning. Additionally, it proposes epithymetics—desire studies—as an upcoming field of research. The volume investigates the impact of evolving cognitive and affective processes in Indian research and real-life contexts. Volume 2: Volume Two of this survey, Individual and the Social: Processes and Issues, contextualizes the process of socialization in India. It analyses how discourses like family, religion, and media contribute to the psychosocial development of an individual as a member of the contemporary Indian society. It also investigates the different ways in which personality and identity are understood in contemporary psychological discourses. Additionally, it analyses the interdependence between the individual and the collective. The contributors discuss prominent studies of processes and issues pertaining to the connection between the individual and his/her socio-cultural context. Volume 3: Volume Three of this survey, Psychology of Organizations, examines issues of motivation, performance, and leadership in Indian organizations, along with consumer concerns in India. It explicates organizational performance and analyses the impact of employees’ negative attitude, affect, and behaviour in the corporate setting. The contributors also study moral and ethical dimensions of the corporate life and look at the way consumption practices have evolved in contemporary India. Volume 4: Volume Four of this survey, Themes in Contemporary Mental Health Research, looks at the most recent perspectives in the fields of mental health and psychotherapy in India. It studies the practice, training, and research in psychotherapy as well as examines the shift to critical and interpretive approaches in the disciplines of health and community psychology. This volume also reviews recent literature on common mental disorders as well as severe ones like schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, and dementia. Additionally, it evaluates some concepts of preventive mental health as applicable to children in India. Volume 5: Volume Five of this survey, Explorations into Psyche and Psychology: Some Emerging Perspectives, examines the future of psychology in India. It situates the difference between Eastern and Western conceptions of the mind in the practice of psychology. The authors look at this discipline as shaped by and shaping belief systems like yoga. They also analyse animal behaviour through the lens of psychology. This volume critiques the contemporary psychological practices in India and offers a new perspective of the relationship between psychologists and their objects of study.