John Woodroffe
  • ISBN : 9788130718699
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The hymns to the Devī in this volume (introduced by a stotra to Her Spouse the Kālabhairava) are taken from the Tantra, Purāṇa, Mahābhārata, and Śankarācārya, who was “”the incarnation of devotion”” (bhaktāvatāra) as well as a great philosopher; a fact which is sometimes ignored by those who do not wish to be reminded that he, whose speculative genius they extol, was also the protagonist of the so-called “”idolatrous Hinduism.”” As his great example amongst many others of differing race and creed tell us, it is not, from the view of religion, the mark of discernment (even though it be the mode) to neglect or disparage the ritual practice which all orthodoxies have prescribed for their adherents. Stava and pujā are doubtless the sādhana appropriate to the first of the several stages of an ascent which gradually leads away from them; but they are in general as necessary as the higher ones, which more immediately precede the attainment of brahmabhāva and siddhi. From Tantra Hymns to the Devī from Tantra Bhairavī (Bhairavīstotra) from the Tantrasāra Bhuvaneśvari, from the Tantrasāra Ādyakālī (Ādyākālīsvarūpastotra), from the Mahānirvāṇa Tantra Lakṣmī (Laksmīstotram) From The Tantrasāra Tārā (Tārāsṭakam) from the Nīla Tantra Mahiṣāmardinī (Mahiṣāmardinīstotra) from the Tantrasāra Annapūrṇa (Annapūrṇāstotra) from the Tantrasāra Sarasvatī (Sarasvatīstotra) from the Tantrasāra Durgā (Durgāśatanāma Stotra) from the Viśvasāra Tantra Tripuṭā (Tripuṭāstotram) from the Tantrasāra From Purāṇa Hymns to the Devī from Purāṇa Mother of the Whole Universe (Sarvaviśvajananī) From The Devībhāgavata Ambikā (Eleventh Māhātmya of Caṇḍī) Caṇḍikā, from the Fourth or Shakrādi Mahātmya of Caṇḍī Mahādevī (from the Fifth Mahātmya of Caṇḍī) Jagadambikā, from the Devībhāgavata Purāṇa From Mahābhārata Durgā (Mahābhārata Virāṭa Parvan) Āryā, from the Harivamśā Durgā, from the Mahābhārata From Śankarācārya Hymns to the Devī from Śankarācārya Tripurasundarī (Tripurasundarīstotra) Gangā (Gangāṣṭakam) Waves of Bliss (Ānandalaharī) Yamuna (Yamunāṣṭakam) ”May the Devi Grant Me Pardon” (Devi Aparāda Kṣamāpana Stotra) Maṇikarṇikā (Maṇikarṇikāstotra) Gangā (Gangāstotra) Narmadā (Narmadāsṭakastotram) Annapūrṇā (Annapūrṇāstotra) From Vālmīki Gangā (Gangāstotra) by Vālmīki From Indra Mahālakṣmī (Mahālakṣmīstotra) by Indra