Human Sacrifices in India (Reprint)
Major General John Campbell
  • ISBN : 9789394569171
  • year : 2023
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The highly interesting narrative, written in the nineteenth century, exclusively deals with the Khonds and other tribes inhabiting the mountain ranges of ancient kingdom of Orissa which can scarcely be recognised in the old dependency of British India now known as the district of Cuttack and which includes a considerable portion of the hill districts or the country of the Khonds. These are peopled generally by Khonds or Kui as they call themselves. According to the author, the Khonds consider themselves the lords and owners of the soil and no tribe will ever part with land for any consideration whatever. As a race they are not remarkable. Men are often well formed and one in every way superior to their women. The appearance, habits, dress and other characteristics of the Khonds point out these people as descendants from the aboriginals of the country. Their Rajas or chieftains are generally uneducated men devoid of all mental culture. In their religion there are traces of primitive elemental worship with the impious practice of human sacrifice which is the foundation of their religion and, saving a very few tribes, the Khonds generally propitiated their diety, always a malevolent being, with human offerings. They are excessively devoted to liqauor and tobacco. The Khond women are scantily clad at the men. The Khonds regard the abduction of a woman by a man of another tribe as a common insult to them all and, unless a reparation be made to the injured husband, war is declared against the tribe of the abducting party. A book of this genre and of such absorbing interest must be covetted possession of all libraries–public or private not only in India but all over the world.