Human Ecology in the Vedas (Second impression, first published in 1999)
M Vannucci
  • ISBN : 9788124601150
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Directing his view towards the whole universe holistically, amazingly, the Rigvedic man as this study shows was awakened to the cosmic Law and Order (Rita); he saw how nothing: nature, environment, or the universe itself, was ever static; and how the orderly Energy was at the root of all changes and movements. Instinctively, he not only bowed down to the Order that reigns supreme, but also tried to attune himself, his behaviour, and his everyday activity to the eternal laws of the universe. Which, says the author, he recognized as his dharma. A sequel to her earlier, well-received title: Ecological Readings in the Veda, Dr. Marta Vannuccis in this book sets out fresh, insightful analyses of the Vedic writings to highlight the ancient rishis perceptions of the Universe, Nature, and cause-effect relationships and how, millennia ago, these sages came to revere and even adore Nature in its different manifestations and, wittingly or unwittingly, evolve an environmentally friendly culture. In support of her findings, the author also analyses a few selected hymns from the Rigveda, using a biological key to decode these songs. Additionally, she also explores some important aspects of two Vedic gods: Indra and Varuna, who respectively represent the material and immaterial reality. Highly relevant appendices apart, the book includes a comprehensive glossary of Sanskrit/non-English words and numerous bibliographic references.