HUMAN DIGNITY IN WORLD RELIGIONS: Toward a Global Bioethics and Biolaw
J Charles Davis
  • ISBN : 9789351484998
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This scholarly work is a remarkable contribution to the basic bioethical discussion. The rich perspectives of the world religions provide proof that the idea of human dignity has a high potential for consensus in the dialogue of the world religions on the ethical problems of modern life sciences. This stimulating material offers an important orientation for understanding of religious conceptions of human being and their significance for global bioethics. This research additionally analyses the legal use of the concept of human dignity in universal and regional declarations, national constitutions and legal systems. This book will surely interest readers, who want to learn the contribution of world religions to bioethics through their conceptions of human being and human dignity. Contents Foreword Acknowledgement Abstract General Introduction Part 1: Human Dignity: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives 1. The Idea of Human Dignity: Historical Perspective 2. Human Dignity: Philosophical Perspectives Part 2: Human Dignity: Religious Perspectives 3. Human Dignity in Judaism 4. Human Dignity in Catholicism 5. Human Dignity in Protestantism 6. Human Dignity in Islam 7. Human Dignity in Hinduism 8. Human Dignity in Jainism 9. Human Dignity in Buddhism 10. Human Dignity in Sikhism 11. Human Dignity in Confucianism 12. Human Dignity in Daoism 13. Human Dignity in Zeroastrianism 14. Human Dignity in Baha'ism Part 3: Human Dignity: Legal Perspectives 15. Human Dignity in International Declarations 16. Human Dignity in National Legal Systems Part 4: Human Dignity: Findings and Proposals 17. Findings and Proposals for a Global Bioethics and Biolaw Section 1: Findings and Conceptual Clarifications Section 2: Proposala and Global Bioethics General Conclusion Bibliography Index of Authors