Housing and Community Planning: Design, Construction and Infrastructure
A K Jain
  • ISBN : 9789388854177
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: 1. A global overview of housing. 2. Housing scenario, policies and programs. 3. Shelter for all- elderly, disabled, homeless, migrants, women and students. 4. Housing design. 5. Rural housing. 6. Slum rehabilitation and community development. 7. Housing renewal and redevelopment. 8. Community planning. 9. Infrastructure services. 10. Rental housing. 11. Building systems for housing. 12. Land for housing. 13. Housing finance. Lack of housing, especially in developing countries, have condemned generations of low income settlements to entrenched poverty, fragmented environments and asymmetrical societies. The global affordable housing shortage is estimated to be 330 million dwelling units. The cities in developing countries, whether Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Dhaka, Nairobi, Brasilia or Karachi, present a paradox of incongruities and stark juxtaposition- deep squalor, slums and shanties along with luxurious villas. The challenge to provide affordable housing with basic services confronts the nations around the globe. The provision of affordable housing is not only an economic necessity, but also for social equity and bringing all citizens into the mainstream of development. The book Housing and Community Planning in its 13 chapters provides an understanding of the various issues concerned with housing design, construction, and community development, infrastructure services, affordability, rental housing, slum upgradation and rehabilitation. The author provokes thinking beyond the public-private binary and develops the third option, where the local community is the driver, and housing is not considered as a commodity. The book makes a case for the adoption of innovative and disruptive technologies together with reforms in planning norms, land use and optimum use of land and other resources for housing.