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Hope in Despair: Stories of Courage in Kashmir

Hope in Despair: Stories of Courage in Kashmir

Author:Sunanda Nehru Ganju
ISBN 13:9789386473721
Subject:Human Rights

About the Book

How can one establish peace and reconstruction process in Kashmir? The quiet and resolute efforts of some individuals have demonstrated that all is not lost in the Valley. By promoting qualities of tolerance, understanding, cooperation and mutual respect, these ‘rebuilders’ are gradually transforming young minds by identifying and dealing with problems constructively. Post 1990, the separatists obliterated the shared history and mutual trust between the Muslims and the Pandits giving rise to a generation who are unaware of the rich, multicultural climate that once existed in the Valley. Presenting a historical perspective of the immense contribution of the first educationists and social reformers who laid the foundation of modern Kashmir in the early twentieth century, the author indicates how the tireless efforts of those reformers towards building the state starkly contrasts with the conflict today: a conflict with a heavy price tag. The small humble efforts of the protagonists today have shown the way of rebuilding a peaceful, progressive and stable society, bringing in winds of hope in the Valley.