History of Indian Philosophy (2 Vols. Set) (5th Reprint Edition)
Erich Frauwallner and V M Bedekar
  • ISBN : 9788120809871
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This two-volume work is a pioneering effort by a stalwart of Indian Philosophy in German Language. Since this provides new insights, largely uncovered by other authors of Indian philosophy, hence there was great demand and need for publishing this English translation. In the composition of this work the three-fold aim is-I. Presentation of Indian Philosophy from the beginnings to the present times in which every phenomenon of importance finds its corresponding place. II. To present the reader a real history of Indian Philosophy, not a crude assemblage of half-worked materials but as far as it is possible a description of the origin of single doctrines and systems and of their development which should be beyond the accidentality of traditions. III. Finally, an attempt is made to give the work a readable form. It should not bring in scientific discussions but a presentation of the results of scientific research. The first part, the first volume of which appears herewith, is devoted to the oldest period of Indian Philosophy from the beginnings until towards the end of the first millennium after Christ. The first volume embraces the earliest period and the Samkhya and the Yoga systems and therefore, already thus goes beyond the detailed volume of Deussen's presentation. The following volumes set forth the presentation of the nature-philosophical systems, above all the Vaisesika, the Buddhistic systems and the period of the second blossoming, which in the sphere of Epistemology and Logic, performed the most important achievements. The second Part will embrace the philosophy of the later times and will carry the presentation up to the present times.