History of Contemporary Indian English Poetry: An Appraisal (Volume -II)
P C K Prem
  • ISBN : 9789389110128
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Secular and universal thought is the essence of contemporary English Poetry in India and it carries the tradition genuinely as it draws sustenance from Vedic treasure, Indian heritage and culture and is conscious of tough and volatile existing social, economic and political situation. If philosophic, religious and metaphysical anxieties take poets to other regions of life’s enigmas, the current unhealthy living environment, antagonism, ethical collapse and suffering of people, distress. If they go beyond the earthly realities and unsteady continuation of life, it is a symptom of inquisitiveness to understand the impenetrable predicament of life without ever forgetting that hope and firm faith in man drive humanity to life of import and sound principles of life. Therefore, appraisal and analysis sans prejudices, specific and predetermined notions from various perspectives takes one to the conclusion that poetry defines and construe life in totality, for hope and anguish are integral to existence and it is the truth of life.