History of Contemporary Indian English Poetry: An Appraisal (Volume -1)
P C K Prem
  • ISBN : 9789389110111
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Secular outlook is essence of English Poetry in India and it speaks eloquently of the strength of Indian heritage and culture, and demonstrates Vedic poise and grandeur. Indian English writing in India during early days of expansion finds shades of susceptibility that appears not so intimate to the indigenous soil but not now as the tendency changes soon. Character and thematic anxieties in poetry of the era strictly stay away from contentious social and fiddly political perception but after a short time, rouse nationalistic spirit, stir intellects and the impact observes dynamic revolution. Psychosomatic and intellectual horizons broaden and embrace universality in thought. Evolution of a unique poetic outlook engages. Nature, romance, adventure and love for humanity and contemporary uneasy scenario a man witnesses override other themes in verses and simultaneously, inspire lyricists to probe into the inner and the outer world. Thoughts on life, death and vital questions of existence figure out the poetic scope. One may detect traceable limitations in poetic art and craft in some areas but in totality, effective yield of psychological, idealistic and universal disquiet electrifies.