Historical Studies in Mughal Numismatics (Reprint)
Shahpurshah Hormasji Hodivala
  • ISBN : 9789392443039
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This memoir contains twenty-four scholarly articles that are remarkable in many respects. First, the author’s extremely accurate knowledge of the Persian historians of India and that of the European travellers has enabled him to bring together a series of studies into this volume, which is an exhaustive list of all references bearing upon Mughal coinage. Second, it addresses all the problems related to Mughal coinage thereby putting to rest half of the controversies that have engaged numismatists during the past a half century. Third, it sheds light on Akbar’s monetary system and religious outlook, while providing liberal education in the history of Mughal period. The historian and the student of economics should find stores of valuable material in this memoir. CONTENTS I Shahrukhis II The Ilahi Era III Abul Fazl’s Inventory of Akbar’s Coins IV “Gigantic Coins” V The Coin-legend ‘Allahu Akbar’ VI Darbs and Charns VII Tankis VIII Mahmudis IX Mint-regulations X The Heavy coins of Jahangir XI “Portrait Muhrs” of Jahangir XII The Zodiacal Coins XIII Jahangir’s Cambay Tankas XIV Nisars XV The Tuman XVI The Julus Years of Shah Jahan XVII The tittle ‘Bahadur’ XVIII The weight fo the Mughal Tola XIX The Standard of Fineness XX Rupee Value of the Ashrafi or Muhr XXI Chronology of the Reigns of the Mughal Emperors XXII Imperial Style and Titles XXIII Coin-Couplets XXIV The Khutba and the Sikka XXV Conspectus of Passages About the Author: Hodivala, Shahpurshah Hormasji Dinshahji (d. 26 November 1944) was the Principal of the Bahauddin (BahÀ’-al-Din) College of Junagadh, and professor of literature, history, and political economy. He was well known for his expertise on Parsi history and on numismatics. Studies in Parsi History (1920) and Studies in Indo-Muslim History: A Critical Commentary on Elliot and Dowson’s “History of India as Told by Its Own Historians”, 2 vols (1939) are his other important works.