High-Tech Instruction: Evolution of Innovations in Teaching
Dr R Ahila Priyadarshini, Er R Malini Priyadharshini and Dr R Ramar
  • ISBN : 9788195821037
  • year : 2023
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The authors of this book have taken stupendous effort to present the content in a well organized manner. The first chapter dwells upon the concept of technology mediated teaching and learning. The next two chapters focus on the evolution of innovations in teaching and learning through ages and its need and importance in the present era. The succeeding five chapters expound how technology can be integrated into educational practices to make effective instructional presentation in the classroom. There is a special chapter on smart classroom. The last chapter enumerates the research works done on technology based teaching which will serve as ready reference for the future research scholars for their further venture. Contents- High-Tech Approach to Teaching and Learning; History of Technology based education; Need and Importance of High-Tech Education; Teaching Machine; Radio based Instruction; Television based Instruction; Video Instruction; Multimedia Instruction; Computer Assisted Instruction; Online Tutoring; Smart Classroom; Research on Technology Based Instruction