Heritage Perspectives Pupul Jayakar Memorial Lectures 2009-2018
Cultural Affairs Division
  • ISBN : 9789382343301
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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CONTENTS: Foreword, 2009 Indian Architectural Conservation and INTACH's View Role: A View from the Outside John H Stubbs, 2010 International Cooperation Within the Context of World Heritage Simon Richard Molesworth, 2011 Rethinking Heritage and Restoration: Discovering a Small Inheritance Deepak Nayyar, 2012 Cities and Political Power Charles Correa, 2013 New Perspectives on Our Cultural Pasts Michel Danino, 2014 Revitalizing India's Conservation Traditions Madhav Gadgil, 2015 Bringing Old Buildings to Life Simon Jenkins, 2016 Cultural Diplomacy: Leveraging India's Soft Power Shyam Saran, 2017 Ancient Indian Knowledge Sysem and its Relevance to the Contemporary Society, 2018 The Other India: Seen Isanapura, Cambodia Sachchidanand Sahai