Heart break Over Doklam
Maj Gen Dipak Mukherjee
  • ISBN : 9789386473288
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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When the politico-strategic crisis in the Doklam area of the trijunction between India, China and Bhutan erupted, though unrecorded, in London over cups of coffee, two hearts broke. Zhang looked stressed, irritable for the first time. He was not smiling. And he was not looking at Sneha directly. 'Sneha, this arrogance displayed by India in the Doklam region is highly provocative. It is an issue between China and Bhutan anyway.' 'But Zhang,' responded Sneha, 'wait for some more time. The details and facts on the ground are not clear yet. Do realise that Doklam threatens the entire North East India. It was a grave provocation. Surely it will be resolved in a mature manner'. The argument continued. Sneha felt drained. She excused herself. As she came out of the washroom, she suddenly decided to rush out quickly before Zhang spotted her. Outside, she hailed a taxi. She had to get away fast. She messaged Zhang explaining her reasons for such behaviour. She started crying softly. Then suddenly, and very decisively, she typed another message saying, 'Zhang, we need a break. Can we be on our own for two weeks and reflect? We both need to.' Heartbreak over Doklam is the story of a globetrotting generation of young people overpowered still by territorial and nationalistic boundaries so much so that a military impasse in a remote Tibetan outpost can shatter love and dreams of a future together.