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Healing the Future: The Journey Within (Revised Edition)

Healing the Future: The Journey Within (Revised Edition)

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Author:Deepak Kashyap
ISBN 13:9789387153202
Subject:Philosophy and Religion/Yoga and meditation

About the Book

The greatest possibilities of body-cure lie in our ability to ‘forget’ the body. As we gradually lose body-consciousness – identifying more and more with the Spirit – physical disability and mental trauma wear off on their own. To practise yoga is to climb from body to mind, and from mind to spirit. Healingis then much more than riddance from physical imperfections. It is the process that catapults us to an existence that is proactive: each time we experience healing, we effectively order for ourselves a fresh destiny. Having accessed many secrets of ‘higher living’ in the course of his meditation, the author intends to share his insights with readers, with practical tips on successful and effortless practice of yoga. Healing the Future is then likely to powerfully, yet musically, impact the reader’s sensibilities, ushering him into a world of healing that is as much scientific as spiritual. Quite literally, this book urges you to treat consciousness as a canvas, and begin adding new shine and texture to your tomorrow from this very instant. Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. The Transition. 2. The Science of Yoga. 3. Yoga in Perspective. 4. The Body. 5. The “Bodies” . 6. Planets and Free Will. 7. Shaktipat. 8. Reiki . 9. Paramahansa Yogi Hans Baba. 10. Healing the Future. Glossary.