Hazratbal: The Central Stage of Kashmir Politics (Reprint Edition, first published in 1998)
G N Gauhar
  • ISBN : 9788183390798
  • year : 2008
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In this remarkable study, G.N. Gauhar narrates an in-depth story of Hazratbal, the famous shrine in Kashmir which became the central stage of Kashmiri politics during the last three centuries. The shrine located on the western shore of the famous dal Lake houses the holy relic of Prophet Muhammad. The holy relic was received in valley in 1700 A.D.The story of Hazratbal is the story of the centre of reverence, the story which reveals the processes that synthesized indigenous and borrowed religious, social and political values. Hazratbal dominated Kashmir’s political environment during the very few decades after Baagi Sadiq Khan (a beautiful garden developed and designed as a parallel one to famous Nishat and Shalimar gardens) revolved into Hazratbal.The book recounts the reign of terror let loose by Pathans, tyrannies of the Sikh rule and the Dogra repression which later gave rise to protests and uprising. The book analyses the reason for the QuitKashmir movement in 1946, the agitation in 1953, the subsequent growth of the Plebiscite Front and the role of Hazratbal that sustained all these movements. The role of Sheikh Abdullah in introducing the concept of self-determination, the account of the Hazratbal murder case and Kashmir consipiracy case are described by the author with a new insight. The agitations which followed the disappearance of the holy relic in 1963 and the siege of 1993 which turned the world’s eye on Hazratbal are part of the fascinating tale. Over and above, the multifaceted roles of Hazratbal are vividly encapsulated in this book. All those interested in Kashmir will find it necessary reading.