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Hatha Yoga: for body, mind and spirit

Hatha Yoga: for body, mind and spirit

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Author:Shanti Gowans
ISBN 13:9788120842038
Subject:Philosophy and Religion

About the Book

The purpose of this book is to provide young people (of all ages) with some simple guidelines, for the practice of Hatha Yoga. Interested people are encouraged to explore its practices and potential, to meet their own individual needs and aspirations in their daily life. For example, you may wish to develop the strength, stamina and suppleness of your physical body in order to excel at your chosen sport, or simply to maintain a desirable level of fitness, health and well being. Open the inherent power of concentration, intuition and insight in your mind so as to excel in study or other forms of mental activity associated with sport, work, hobbies and so on. Explore the mystery of life flows through you : Where does it come from? Where does it flow to? What are your values ? What am I ? Who am I? Hatha Yoga has the power to develop the full potential of body, mind and spirit in pursuit of your own unique purpose in life here on planet Earth. Committed, concentrated and consistent practice will open up the universal energy, intelligence and inspiration that is inherent in everyone. You are a being with unlimited potential. Yoga offers a path for unlocking and expressing this potential in the present moment, in your daily life. This book begins with a holistic understanding of yoga, giving an introduction to its path and continues with principles and routines for its successful practice. It then offers guidance about some core postures of Hatha Yoga, and concludes with information for those who may wish to understand and explore yoga at a deeper level.