HASTA MUDRA THERAPHY: An Effective Aspects of Dance Therapy
Dr Vijayapal Pathloth
  • ISBN : 9788182903715
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Indian culture is wide spread and is accoladed globally. Dance occupies a unique place in Indian culture and is referred as a “unified art” as it imbibes almost everything necessary to maintain a perfect lifestyle. It is an ocean, which has boundless and inexhaustible benefits hidden in it. It promotes psychological and physical health and hence, ‘Dance’ can be a ‘Therapy’, a skill that keeps you fit and good health. Though the remedial aspects of dance were acknowledged since its evolution, using it as an alternative therapy is of a recent trend. As a drop of contribution to the ocean, the present study makes a modest attempt to investigate the therapeutic values of ‘Hasta Mudras’ or hand gestures which is an integral aspect of dance. The Book titled “Hasta Mudra Therapy – An effective aspect of Dance Therapy” involves a comprehensive analysis of Hasta Mudras practiced in the arenas like Dance, Dance Therapy, Hasta Mudra Therapy, Hasta Mudras in Dance, Yoga, Hindu, Jain and Buddhist religious practices, the domain of Acupressure, Physiology of palm and Pharmacokinetics. An attempt is made to construe an explanatory hypothesis with an analytical approach and a scientific analysis of palm is employed to experiment and study the scope of therapeutic effects of the Hasta Mudras. The aim of the present publication is to introduce the concept of “Hasta Mudra Therapy” with an analytical and scientific approach and to establish, promote and propagate it as an “Alternative Therapy”.