Harsha Kakar Writes: A Select Compilation Volume I
Major General Harsha Kakar
  • ISBN : 9789384901653
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Most of the subjects covered in this book are dynamic and change with passage of time, perception of nations, outlook of leaders and bonding between states. For seeking solutions to complex problems, understanding its root cause is the key. This has been my intention in selecting specific articles. I have devoted space to articles on Veterans and the Armed Forces mainly because veterans are an important link between the serving and the nation as they are no longer bound by the laws of silence. A nation which respects its veterans would always be proud. Veterans also have a responsibility to the nation. Only powerful nations are respected in the present era and power ensures security of political, cultural and economic institutions of the nation. Power flows from a combination of economic, diplomatic and military elements. National security and development always go hand in hand. The Armed Forces remain a major element of power, without whose backing, other elements of power are partially ineffective. Politics implies challenging the government in power and questioning its policies. However, indulging in questioning the Armed Forces or its acquisitions, seeking to stall or delay development of capabilities would harm national security. India faces challenges from its neighbours, who would always desire to stunt our growth. Meeting these challenges remain a major security challenge. My articles based on the above topics have been written in a simplistic manner to enable easy assimilation.