Happiness: An Eternal Quest Of Being (A Compendium of Multi-Disciplinary Approaches)
Edited by Nisha Bhargava, Sunaina Jain and Prakriti Renjen
  • ISBN : 9789388859516
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Happiness: An Eternal Quest of Being (A Compendium of Multi-Disciplinary Approaches) comes at a time when anxiety and frenzy define modern life, and happiness, mindfulness and peace qualify as the most sought after states of being by man. The book is the fruitful culmination of an honest idea that germinated in the mind of Dr Nisha Bhargava, Principal, MCM DAV College for Women, Chandigarh. The endeavour was to try and delineate the blurry and intangible concept of happiness by inviting myriad views and opinions from various disciplines like Psychology, Spirituality & Religion, Philosophy, Culture, Literature and Economics on the subject. Madam Bhargava's ideation was actualized in the form of an illustrious International Conference, cutting across countries and disciplines, held in the College in January, 2018.The Conference witnessed an august gathering of eminent professors, scholars and thinkers putting their minds together, trying to lay out a roadmap for happiness. This book is an amalgam of the critical, philosophical, spiritual, economical and cultural approaches to happiness discussed in the Conference. The various research papers and review articles contained in the book, endeavour to problematize the nuances of this elusive feeling and even out the wrinkles of this ever-so-fleeting manna dew. The book is the fruit of labour of the entire MCM DAV College team who spearheaded and made the Conference a success.