Handbook on Sports Law
Edited by Bhavya Nain, Shefali Raizada and Ekta Gupta
  • ISBN : 9789382823919
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Contents: 1. Introduction to Sports and the Law/Anish Dayal. 2. Importance of Sports Law/Dipanshu Garg and Swapnil Paul. 3. Sports Regulatory Mechanism in India: Need of the Hour/Nitin Pandey and Aproov Ashit. 4. Insuring Sports Activities/Kasturi Bhagat. 5. Investment in Sports/Aahna Mehrotra. 6. Liability for Offences in Sports/Satchit Bogle. 7. Sports and Media/Aman Gupta and Kaushik Moitra. 8. Intellectual Property Rights in Sports/Palka Rishi. 9. Intellectual Property Rights and Sports Related Issues Comparing Indian, EU And US Laws/Bipin Kumar. 10. The Regulatory Framework for Sports Activities with an Emphasis on a Comparison Between Governance in India and in the European Union/Anujaya Krishna. 11. Combating Doping in Sports: The Need for Specialised Doping Legislation in India/Shan Kohli. 12. Sports-Vision for Development within the Context of Privatisation of Sports/Shefali Raizada. 13. Myth of Gender Equality in Sports/Ekta Gupta. 14. Legislative Framework Regulating Sports in India/Akash Agarwal and Kumar Shashank. 15. Legal Regulation pertaining to Online Betting in Sports with Special Reference to 'Games of Skill' vis-a-vis 'Games of Chance'.