M S Vora, Mrs H N Shelat and Dr R V Vyas
  • ISBN : 9788189304416
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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'An effort has been made to provide knowledge of biofertilizers and microbial pesticides with microbiological techniques required for maintenance and use. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides have provided foot for first green revolution which is now switches to use of biofertilizers and microbial pesticides in current era of organic farming and ecofriendly management practices for which all information is complied in the book. The book is edited by related enowned scientists having wide field experiences with an exhaustive compilation. Book consist 24 chapters covering information on various beneficial microorganisms commonly used in agriculture, covering all aspects like isolation, identification, characterization, mass multilication and formulation; quality testing, financial aspects and future prospect with basic information on various techniques. Book will be a good reference for young researchers, P.G. students and entrepreneurs and shall surely provide fundamental knowledge on microbial bio-inoculants for safer and green approaches of modern agriculture.'