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Guide to Godhood: The Roadmap to Moksha (based on Shramansutram)

Guide to Godhood: The Roadmap to Moksha (based on Shramansutram)

Author:Amit Jain
ISBN 13:9788121512633
Subject:Philosophy and Religion/Religion

About the Book

Moksha?the State of Godhood, is one of the most mystical concepts of the east. It means rise of an ordinary individual from the realms of manhood into the domain of Godhood. It symbolizes the release of soul from the ever repeating cycle of birth and death and assimilation of the same into the souls of previously liberated beings, collectively referred to as ?Siddha.? This book, ?Guide to Godhood?The Roadmap to Moksha, ?breaks open the path to achieve this high state. It?s based on Sutras(verses) of Shraman Theology and divides the journey into Fourteen milestones referred to as ?Guna.? Each one of us, irrespective of our beliefs and value system, is stationed at one of these phases (Guna). As a reader reads through the pages of this book, it will not be difficult for him to pin-point the phase at which he is currently stationed. This knowledge of one?s current state of being will not only help him analyze where he stands on the spiritual platform, but will also help him in discovering the reason of his stationing at that particular phase and thus plan remedial actions to break free