Gold Mining in India: The Way Forward (Special Publication 11)
Edited by V N Vasudev, H M Ramachandra and N Rajendran
  • ISBN : 9789380998428
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Softcover
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Table of Contents Foreword Foreword Open Access R. H. Sawkar v-vii Acknowledgements Acknowledgements Open Access V. N. Vasudev, H. M. Ramachandra, N. Rajendran viii-ix Preface Preface Open Access V. N. Vasudev, H. M. Ramachandra, N. Rajendran xi-xiii Part 1: Geological Setup and Gold Mineralisation Geological Setup for Gold Prospects and Deposits in India Restricted Access S. K. Biswas 1-13 Gold in Dharwar Craton: Current Genetic Understanding Restricted Access Biswajit Mishra 14-22 Regional and Deposit Scale Controls of Gold Mineralization in Chitradurga Schist Belt, Dharwar Craton, India Restricted Access J. P. Mohakul, P. H. Babu, R. Madusudanan, S. A. Khan, S. Balakrishnan 23-33 Geochemistry of Gold-Hosting Granitoids from Jonnagiri Greenstone Belt, Eastern Dharwar Craton: Implications on Petrogenesis and Gold Mineralization Sakthi Saravanan Chinnasamy 34-39 Characterization of Hydrothermal Alteration at Chigargunta and Bisanatham Gold Deposits, South Kolar Greenstone Belt, Dharwar Craton, India Restricted Access Debasis Pal, Sakthi Saravanan Chinnasamy, Swapnendu Goon 40-45 Evidences of Partial Melting of Sulphides from Ajjanahalli Gold Deposit, Dharwar Supergroup, Karnataka Restricted Access Madhushree Mandal, Md. Shareef, G. Gopalakrishna, Bijay Kumar 46-51 Part 2: Gold Exploration and Mineral Resources Gold Resources of India: Immense Scope for Development of New Gold Mines Restricted Access V. N. Vasudev 53-74 Current Status of Exploration and Resources of Hutti Gold Mines, Hutti-Maski Schist Belt, Karnataka Restricted Access S. N. Solankar, Venkatesh Murthy N., R. B. Ganesh, Anilkumar B. V. 75-81 Exploration for Gold near Ajjanahalli, Chitradurga Greenstone Belt, Karnataka Restricted Access Madhushree Mandal, Bijay Kumar, Parusharama G., Resmi R., Ragikrishna R., Hampaiah P. 82-88 Discovery of Open Pittable Ganajur Main Gold Deposit at Ganajur Village, Haveri Taluk and District, Karnataka Restricted Access Saradchandra Rao Peshwa, V. N. Vasudev, S. B. Harish Kumar 89-104 Exploration for Gold and Associated Base Metal Mineralisation in Bhukia Area, Banswara District, Rajasthan Restricted Access D. B. Guha, R. L. Jat, S. S. Garhia 105-125 Current Status of Exploration and Resources of Gold in India: Review of Prospect-Wise Resources Defined by MECL Restricted Access 126-131 Part 3: New Approaches in Exploration and Mining Quality Control Practices in Gold Exploration in India: Comparison with the Global Benchmarks Restricted Access M. K. Devarajan 133-136 Anatomy of an Internationally Recognized Mineral Resources and Reserves Public Reporting Standard (CRIRSCO): Critical Comments Restricted Access P. V. Rao, Abani Samal 137-142 Nanogeoscience in Gold Exploration: Challenges and Opportunities in India Restricted Access Sahendra Singh 143-149 Microbial-Enzymatic Gold Nuggetization Process in Extraction of Gold from Old Mill Tailings of Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka Restricted Access Rajah Vijay Kumar, Vishaka V. K., Jeevitha G., Pavithra C. L. 150-156 Plant-Microbe-Rock Association in Exploration for Gold Restricted Access S. S. Chandrashekar Math 157-166 Epilogue Epilogue Open Access V. N. Vasudev, H. M. Ramachandra, N. Rajendran