Globalisation or Macro-Localisation? (Reinventing the Crafts of India)
Pradeep Kumar Jena
  • ISBN : 9788193070345
  • year : 2016
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Globalisation has been a key area of research for many over the past decades. However, this is often loosely defined/understood/interpreted. Even one can find numerous theorists and their valued works whose definition and understanding on the subject has been widely and contentedly accepted/used. So, is there really a need for yet another book on globalisation? The feeling is that, in the context of Indian craft in general and Chandua craft in particular, YES. The book gives a contextual definition of globalisation and while reinventing the craft of Pipili, its historical trajectories, the book describes how the craft is passing through a phase which can neither be termed as globalisation, nor glocalisation, nor localisation nor homogenization. It?s passing through a unique phase of ?Macro-localisation? and ?Chanduaisation?, concepts introduced in this work. But why new terminologies are used instead of ever existing terms like globalisation/homogenisation/ universalisation which give fairly similar meaning? The book addresses this issue in its theoretical chapter. Talking about Chandua, a great injustice has been done to this craft by researchers and academia by not contributing a single serious work on it. Taking this opportunity and considering the great contribution this century long old craft has had towards the socio-cultural framework of Odishan/Indian society and keeping in mind the crucial phase of global market economy that is affecting everyone of us, this work is an attempt to reinvent Indian crafts in the 21st century scenario