Global Terrorism: Challenges and Policy Options
Edited by Maj Gen Dhruv Katoch and Shakti Sinha
  • ISBN 13 : 9788182749504
  • year : 2017
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Terrorism and violent extremism are the results of cri5tical and complex socio-political disorders. While counter-radiacalisation work is vital in minimizing the threat of extremism, the struggle is ultimately ideological. Today, terrorist groups and non-state actors are continually evolving their modes of operation and devising increasingly complex ways to carry out their heinous acts with deadlier consequences. The use of technology, information and social media as well as the nexus between terrorist networks, non-state actors and transnational criminals pose newer challenges to the state operatives and the traditional approaches to terrorism. The need for coordinated action by all the countries of the world to fight the menace of terrorism and to eliminate this scourge, is hence an imperative for world peace. While the counter-terrorism agenda requires evolution through continued dialogue, it must be strengthened through globally and regionally coordinated approaches, capacity development and sharing of best practices. That however, is easier said than done. The second edition of the Counter Terrorism Conference, organized by the Government of Rajasthan and the India Foundation, brought together a galaxy of political and thought leaders from across the world, including field operatives, senior officials from security agencies, policymakers, scholars and government leaders involved in counter-terrorism operations and in planning and sensitization, to discuss ways of tackling global terror outfits. This book is a compendium of the proceedings which took place in that conference and includes the views of illustrious personalities. These include amongst others, the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee, India