Gilgit - Baltistan and its Saga of Unending Human Rights Violations
Alok Bansal
  • ISBN : 9789386618610
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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In a knowledge driven world, ignorance is no bliss. Blatantly put, ignorance of facts is a curse that Nations and its people will pay for heavily in terms of security, strategy and overall handling of situations. India has faced many existential crises’ over the years due to lack of comprehensive information or misinformation, the most glaring being the Jammu & Kashmir issue. The common man is oblivious to a lot of critical information about Jammu & Kashmir including a region as strategic as Gilgit – Baltistan being a part of Jammu & Kashmir. This book is an attempt to lift the veil of ignorance about that region and make it a part of the national strategic dialogue. Gilgit – Baltistan and its Saga of Unending Human Rights Violation enlightens the readers about this geo-strategically and resource rich area that legally and constitutionally belongs to India but is under Pakistani occupation. It gives some interesting and hitherto unknown facts about the history, culture and polity of the region, which will engross a layman and a scholar alike. Above all, it gives a detailed picture of the contemporary situation of this region, mired in gross human rights violation. Armed with this vital information, it will be easier to combat vested interests and inimical forces that are hell bent on usurping this strategically important region. Knowledge is power, they say. Lets us be knowledgeable about Gilgit – Baltistan.