Jagbir Singh Kirti, Kailash Chandra, Abhinav Saxena and Navneet Singh
  • ISBN : 9789382258247
  • year : 2019
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The family Geometridae is the second most species-rich taxon in the order Lepidoptera. It is known by 23,002 species from the world and 2041 species from India. Geometrid Moths of India covers a total of 150 species under 100 genera belonging to seven families: Ennominae (63 genera; 95 species), Geometrinae (18 genera; 25 species), Desmobathrinae (1 genus; 1 species), Orthostixinae (1 genus; 1 species), Oenochrominae (1 genus, 3 species), Sterrhinae (8 genera; 16 species) and Larentiinae (8 genera; 9 species). Ten new species have been described from India. The diagnostic characters of Geometridae and its included subfamilies are given. For each of the included genus, the book provides first reference, type species, diagnosis, and remarks; whereas for each of the included species it provides photographs of adults and their external genitalia, first reference, diagnosis, and distribution in India. Additionally, a consolidated checklist of 2041 species of Indian Geometridae belonging to seven families is provided: Ennominae (858 species), Larentiinae (565 species), Geometrinae (294 species), Sterrhinae (282 species), Desmobathrinae (29 species), Oenochrominae (9 species), and Orthostixinae (4 species). The checklist is mainly prepared from the catalogue of Scoble (1999). First reference and type locality of all the included species are provided. The species which were described from outside India have been included by mentioning at least one of their references indicating the distribution of that particular species. The nomenclature of most of the species has been given after Scoble (1999) and the post-Scoble studies have been followed for any status revisions.