Geographic Information Systems: Theory & Practice
Edited by R. Ram Mohan Rao and Afzal Sharieff
  • ISBN : 9788170337140
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Geographic Information Systems (GIS), which formalized a few decades back as a set of computer tools, has now emerged into a powerful planning tool for a myriad of physical and human endeavours: from regional planning to scientific research; from strategic management to decision support system; from disease analysis and prevention to industrial location analysis; and from environmental management applications to military simulations. GIS is now being used across various disciplines and its applications continue to grow. The present volume has been conceived primarily to provide basic knowledge about the currently available GIS technology and its use in solving everyday geographical problems. Indian application cases presented in the book will be of vital use to students and researchers alike. CONTENTS 1. Computer Basics / R. Ram Mohan Rao 2. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems / I.V. Muralikrishna 3. GIS: Challenges and Prospects / Brig. N. Dhal 4. Digital Terrain Models and Related Analysis / A.M. George 5. Storage of GIS Data and Related Data Structures / A.M. George 6. GIS and Resource Management / R. Nagaraja 7. Object Oriented Geographical Information System / S. Natarajan 8. Errors in GIS Data / Mohan Rao P., S. Simhadri & Afzal Sharieff 9. Application of GIS and Remote Sensing Methodology in the Identification of Water Potential Zones / S. Simhadri 10. Database Management Systems / R. Ram Mohan Rao & N. Ram Kishan Rao 11. Geomancy of Village Development: The GIS Way / Brig J.S. Ahuja 12. GIS Data Archiving / P. Uday Shankar 13. Potential of GIS Network in Utilities Planning and Management: A Case Study / S.K. Pathan 14. Global Positioning System: An Introduction / Afzal Sharieff