Gender, Identity and Migration in India
Edited by Nasreen Chowdhory and Paula Banerjee
  • ISBN : 9789811932250
  • year : 2023
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The book focuses on voices of displaced women who constitute a critical part of the migration process through an unravelling of the engendered displacement. It draws attention to the various processes, methods and approaches by national and international human rights and humanitarian laws and principles, and the experiences of the relevant communities, organisations towards peaceful co-existence. The contributions to this volume embellish the argument that there is a direct correlation between an academic researcher's positionality, methods and trajectories of critical knowledge production. In particular, feminist epistemologies with specific emphasis on post-coloniality utilized in conjunction with scholarship related to transnational migration studies constitute a distinctly powerful vantage point for challenging methodological nationalism and the syndrome of 'seeing like the state' in the area of forced migration studies. Contents: 1. Gender, Identity and Displacement: Nexus Requirements for a Critical Epistemology / Nergis Canefe, Paula Banerjee, and Nasreen Chowdhory Part I Methodologies and the Production of Knowledge in Forced Migration Contexts 2. Production of Knowledge and Methodologies in Conflict Induced Displacement and Forced Migration / Manish K. Jha and Shagun Saklani Pande 3. What Is Feminist About Studying Women's Forced Migration / Paula Banerjee 4. Interrogating Camps in Forced Migration Studies: The Exceptionality of South Asia / Nasreen Chowdhory and Shamna Thacham Poyil 5. Gender, Dispossession, and Ethics of Witnessing: Method as Intervention / Nergis Canefe 6. On Research, the Politics of Migrations and the Materiality of the Global: Views Out of Place / Giorgio Grappi Part II Labour, Development and the Migrant Body 7. “If Only I Were a Male”: Work, Value, and the Female Body / Shailaja Menon 8. Forced Displacement Studies in India: An Overview / Biswajit Mohanty 9. The Facilitators and the Reproductive Laborers of the Indian Gestational Surrogacy Market / Namreeta Kumari 10. Gender and Invisible Migration: Understanding Sex Trafficking in India / Skylab Sahu Part III Identity, Borders and Borderland 11. Being with Difficulty and Uncertainty: Young Rohingyas in Children's Homes of West Bengal / Suchismita Majumder 12. Negotiations and Navigation: Migrant Lives in a Borderland District / Anindita Chakrabarty 13. The Legacy of Partition and Structural Victimisation of the People of Borderland: A Case of Punjab / Jagroop Singh Sekhon and Sunayana Sharma Part IV Gender, Conflict and Migration 14. Women in India's CPI (Maoist) Ranks / P. V. Ramana 15. Gender, Gun and Guerrillas: Narratives from Maoist People's War of Nepal / Amrita Pritam Gogoi 16. Victims to Vanguards: Displaced Yet Determined / Shubhra Seth 17. Gender, Identity and Migration: Concluding Remarks / Paula Banerjee and Nasreen Chowdhory About the Author: Nasreen Chowdhory, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Delhi, India. Paula Banerjee, Professor, Department of South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of Calcutta West Bengal, India.