GANGA: The River of 'Sanatana' Civilization (Draupadi Dream Trust)
Edited by Neera Misra
  • ISBN : 9789351711902
  • year : 2021
  • language : English and Hindi
  • binding : Hardbound
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CONTENTS Preface vii Acknowledgement ix Foreward xiii List of Contributors xv Deena Bandhu Pandey 1 D.K. Hari & 2. Ganga - A manmade river with worldwide Imprints D K Hari & D K Hema Hari 34 3. gU E D.P Tewari 52 4. Heritagescapes of the Ganga river Basin: Understanding Global Civilization Rana P.B. Singh 71 5. The Spiritual Prestige and Romance of the Ganga and the Gangetic Region in Europe in the age of Enlightenment Come Carpentier de Grourdon 100 6. 4 Hafd TE : E 3TU Prithvish Nag 107 Deepak Kumar 7. TEa fararei á 3TT yf4-4 TE Rachna Sharama 121 8. Sri Lanka: the Southern recipient of the Ganga Valley Civilization Amura Manatunga130 9. March towards Urbanization in the Gańgā Basin B.B. Lal 139 10. Central Himalaya, the place of Origin of Ganga - An Archaeological perspective D N Dimri 155 11. Kasi and Ganga B R Mani 187 12. Jhusi (Pratishthanpur): A Site Presenting Complete Cultural Sequence of the Ganga Valley J N Pal 214 13. Excavations at Sanauli: A Turning Point of Indian Archaeology S K Manjul 233 14. Archaeology of Gangetic Delta Durga Basu 241 15. Archaeological Dimensions of Ganga River Civilisation from Western Himalayas to Bay of Bengal in Indian Ocean K N Dikshit 256 16. Janapadas vis-e-vis Early Archaeological Cultures in Upper Ganga Plain Bhuvan Vikarama 270 17. Significance of Ganga River Civilization and its Global Impact and Spread Glimpses of Ganga through Inscriptions T S Ravishankar 277 18. Some Steps for Ganga Abhay Misra 285 19. Transformation and Apotheosis of River Ganga in Indian Art and Culture Vinay Kumar 290 20. Chhathapuja, Ganga and Ceremonial Songs (A Study on the Sun-cult of Magadh, Bihar, Anand Bunihaun 300 21. Ganga, Parvati and Draupadi: A Unique Relationship Neeru Misra 309 Colour Plates 399