Fundamentals of Physical Geography Part - 1 LITHOSPHERE
Girindra Kumar
  • ISBN : 9789353242688
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Present book is an attempt to explain these basic linkages and their Significance in earth system through the study. However, the present presentation is devoted only to the evolution and explanations of the Earth and its physical properties. An attempt has been made to integrate the changing views of scholars over space and time. It has been done also to impress upon this book users that any existing view(s) and interpretation(s) are the results of man's incessant quest for acts. The book is expected to enable its readers particularly the students to develop a rational vision and skill to interpret the mutually impacting phenomena that make the Earth unique in system of planets. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Prof. (Dr.) Girindra Kumar a graduate from Patna University with Geography Honors obtained his Master's Degree from the same University in 1971. He had been an ICSSR Fellow between 1974 and 1976. He was appointed as a teaching faculty to Fazl Ali College by Govt. of Nagaland in April of 1976. His seminal research on assessment of Resource Associations and potentials of development at meso and micro physico-administrative regions qualified him for the award of Ph. D. Degree by Patna University in 1983. He then joined North Eastern Hill University as lecturer to Pachchunga University College, an under graduate College at Aizawl, Mizoram. And when Mizoram Central University was established by an Act of Parliament in 2001 and in which Department of Geography and Resource Management was opened in 2003 Prof. Kumar was appointed as its first regular Head in 2004. He oversaw the establishment and flourishing of a dynamic subject that Geography is. During almost 12 years of his association with Post Graduate Department he has been instrumental in furnishing the Department with modern equipment and remote sensing facilities. He also helped in developing collaboration with ISRO and many other national and International institutions and organizations. He has over 40 publications in national and international journals to his credit. His earlier two books Urbanization in Mizoram: Retrospect and Prospects (edited); and Dynamics of Development and Planning have successfully caught the attention of the students, researchers and scholars. He retired from active services of Mizoram University in August of 2016. Having a long and active association both with undergraduate and postgraduate students and realizing their difficulties in establishing the cause- effect relationship of phenomena affecting human survival he has attempted to present this book in the hope that it may help its users to explain geographical reality with supportive reasons.