Fundamentals Of Islam And Sufism: Spiritualism/ Irfan/ Tasawwuf
S. L. Peeran
  • ISBN : 9789352075188
  • year : 2017
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S.L. Peeran hails from an illustrious family of erstwhile MysoreState. His great grandfather was a renowned Arabic, Persian & Urdu scholar & poet and was bestowed with a title of 'Siraj-ulUlma' (Sun among the Scholars). His grandfather received the title of 'Moin-ul-vizarath (Pillar of the Ministry) from late Maharaja of Mysore for his services to the State. His father was an Engineer and also Sajjada-Nishin of Darga of Saint Hz-QaderawaliyaSrirangapatna. S.L.Peeran was a former Judicial Member of Excise, Customs and Service Tax appellate Tribunal for two decades having served in New Delhi, Chennai and Bengalure. He was earlier a Professor of Law and practising advocate for over one and a half decades. Peeran has been deeply interested in Sufism, in study of human growth & development, Urdu & English Poetry. He published his first book The Essence of Islam & Sufism &Its Impact on India from New Delhi in 1998. Peeran started penning his experiences initially in Urdu poems in 1997 and from December 1997, he started writing poems in English as well. He has completed fifteen volumes of poems. Peeran is trustee of International Sufi Centre, Editor of Sufi world a journal on Sufi Culture, Philosophy and Literature (Islamic Spiritualism -Tasawwuf). Peeran has also written a work of prose Indian English Poetry-Searching New Grounds. Peeran has also penned his memoirs-The Journey of a Sufi-Sufism and Poetry and books on Sufism and Islam. Poets International Bangalore has also nominated him as "Best Poet for 2003". International Poetry Academy, Chennai has also awarded him with "Best Poet" award for 2009. Peeran is inspired to write poetry in search of truth and to discover his own self. He is inspired by the theory and practice of Sufism.