Fundamentals of Biochemical Engineering (2 Volumes Sets)
Ashok K. Rathoure
  • ISBN : 9788182205819
  • year : 2017
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The present book of biochemical engineering is designed to help graduate and undergraduate students of chemical and biochemical engineering to use techniques in analyzing the problems associated with the biochemical and related industries like breweries, petroleum, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, plastics, pollution control, etc. The goal of this book is to educate students and scholars who are able to analyze industrial biochemical engineering problems and synthesize solutions to those problems, compare favourably in their knowledge of biochemical engineering. In addition to preparing students for rewarding jobs in the biochemical process industries, it provides an excellent background for the study in engineering and science. This book is written, keeping in mind of the need for a text book on the aforesaid subject for students from both engineering and biology backgrounds in 22 chapters which deals with biochemical engineering and biotechnology including role of biotechnology in biochemical engineering and commercial scope of biochemical engineering. Some Boxed material throughout the book is provided to illustrate the topics covered in the main text, explanations in depth that extend the coverage beyond the contents of the main text. This book will widely useful to students, teachers, academicians to aid the knowledge about the course and beyond the course related to the subject matter.