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Forests and Climate Change in India: Vulnerability, Mitigation and Adaptation

Forests and Climate Change in India: Vulnerability, Mitigation and Adaptation

Author:Ashwani Kumar
ISBN 13:9788121109451
Subject:Life Science/Ecology and Environment

About the Book

Global Climate Change due to increasing green house gas emissions is a threat having perceptible and tangible impacts on nature and life forms. Forest ecosystems are unique as they act as a source and sink of CO2, the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. The forestry sector is unique, in that it contributes significantly to global CO2 emissions, and at the same time also provides significant mitigation opportunities to not only reduce the current or projected emissions, but also to remove CO2 accumulated from past emissions in the atmosphere, and sequester it in soil, vegetation and wood products. This book presents an overall scenario of forests and climate change in India, the positive role of India’s forests in climate change mitigation and adaptation, the conservation oriented national forest policies, various acts, rules and legislations that contributes towards climate change mitigation in India. India’s conservation oriented forest policies have helped in sequestering substantial amount of carbon. With this concept India proposed a forest conservation oriented policy approach for climate change mitigation at global level now popularly known as REDD-plus. The book also describes various international and national initiatives for climate change mitigation through forestry sector. National Action Plan for Climate Change (NAPCC), its various missions and how forestry based activities can be synergised in achieving the objectives of other national missions on climate change. The book ‘Forests and Climate Change in India: Vulnerability, Mitigation and Adaptation’ forest and climate change will be useful to practicing foresters, forestry faculties at universities and forestry training colleges, forestry students and common man who are interested in role of forest in climate change mitigation.