Foreign Policy of India in Southeast Asia
Josukutty C A
  • ISBN : 9788177085006
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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India’s historical and cultural relations with Southeast Asia have the potential to realize security and strategic purposes. The earliest sustained contact between India and Southeast Asia was through Southern and Eastern coastal states of India during the Chola and Kalinga empires. If connection through the North-Eastern states is vital for economic development of the region, integration through the Southern and Eastern coastal states of India is crucial for the promotion of larger maritime security and strategic interests. The ports and naval bases in Southern and Eastern coastal India and the strategic locations of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman and Nicobar Islands are of vital significance. Despite having one of the largest merchant fleets in the developing world, Indian ports have a limited number of direct calls with ASEAN ports. The biggest challenge for India in the region is managing its relationship with China. China’s assertiveness in maritime territorial disputes in South China Sea and expanding presence in East Asia and the Indian Ocean has reinforced the relevance of an enhanced role for India and its Asia-Pacific partners in these regions. The present volume contains 8 scholarly papers that discuss various dimensions of India’s foreign policy in Southeast Asia. CONTENTS 1. India’s Multi-vectored Alignment in the East: Aims, Objectives, and Rationale Mohanan Bhaskaran Pillai 2. India-ASEAN Institutional Partnership in Maritime Security S. Utham Kumar Jamadhagni 3. India-ASEAN Civilizational and Cultural Links Asma Masood 4. Balancing China: India’s Growing Presence in Southeast Asia J. Susanna Lobo 5. Deepening of Relationship between India and South Korea Rose Veera D Souza 6. Promoting Vietnam-India Comprehensive Strategic Partnership Tran Ngoc Diem 7. China in Maldives: India’s Concerns Gayathry Gopal 8. Seeking Partnership with Taiwan: India’s Big Power Ambitions Suresh K. Index