Food Product And Process Innovations (2 Volumes)
Edited by Hari Niwas Mishra
  • ISBN : 9789386546159
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book on “Food Product and Process Innovations” is a compilation of the major research & development work carried in the FCTL in the last one and a half decade. The contributors of the book are the past and present research scholars & scientists, associated with the FCTL, who worked under the supervision and guidance of Professor H.N. Mishra. Many of these contributors are now leading researchers in reputed academic institutions and food industry in the country and abroad. The book comprises of two volumes of 11 chapters each. Volume –1 includes chapters on products and processes related to the manufacturing, shelf-life extension and quality evaluation of grain based RTC/RTD/RTE health foods and beverages. Chapters on manufacturing technologies and shelf-life extension of health foods and beverages prepared from milk, fruits & vegetables; instant tea, tea based products, natural antioxidants, colours and preservatives are included in Volume–2 Contents of Volume-I 1. Cereal-Millet Composite Flours and Baked Products: by N S Deora, G Ramanna, K P Singh, H N Mishra 2. Rice Based Gluten Free Bread and Pasta Products: by N S Deora, M Dwivedi, H N Mishra 3. Engineered Health Rice and Nutri Dal: by A Mishra, R K Raigar, H N Mishra 4. Ready-to-Eat Health Foods for Malnourished Children: by R K Raigar, Danie Shejie A, H N Mishra 5. Ready-to-Eat Extruded and Puffed Snack Foods: by G Ramanna, R M Shukla, H Pandey, H N Mishra 6. Mango Soy Fortified Yoghurt Powder and Synbiotic Yoghurt: by P Kumar, S Mishra, H N Mishra 7. Dahi (Curd) Powder and Dahi Powder Based Energy and Health Drink Mixes: by V K Shiby, D Seth, W Routray, H N Mishra 8. Fermented Functional Foods and Beverages: by S Mishra, H N Mishra 9. Ready-to-Drink Fermented Vegetable Beverages and its Preservation: by V Sharma, M Bhattacharya, H N Mishra 10. Oat Based Beverages and Desserts: by A Deswal, N S Deora, H N Mishra 11. High Pressure Processing of Fruit Juice and Puree: by S Chakraborty, N Kaushik, H N Mishra Contents of Volume-II 1. Extraction, Characterization and Food Utilization of Algal Biomass and Bioactives: by A Mazumder, P Prabuthas, A Giri, H N Mishra 2. Instant Soluble Tea Powder and Ready-To-Use Tea Products: by V R Sinija, S M Behera, H N Mishra 3. Functional Fruit Toffees and Candies: by S Sehwag, R Upadhyay, H N Mishra 4. Low Cholesterol Dairy Products: by J Chitra, M Ghosh, I Dey Paul, H N Mishra 5. Baked and Fried Dairy Products: by S K Bag, R Kumari, H N Mishra 6. Safe Storage of Food Grains: by R Pande, G Mishra, S Srivastava, H N Mishra 7. Natural Antioxidants and Colors: by R Upadhyay,S Halder, M Bhattacharya, H N Mishra 8. Extension of Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables: by S Billoria, S Biswas, C Sen, H N Mishra 9. Product Formulation and Shelf Life Evaluation Models: by Danie Shajie A, R Upadhyay, S Chakraborty, H N Mishra 10. Rapid Methods for Food Quality Analysis: by S Tripathi, VR Sinija, S Bag,V Shibby, R Pande, A Deswal H N Mishra 11. Enzymatic Detoxification of Aflatoxin B1 in Foods: by C Das Mukhopadhyay, S Tripathy, H N Mishra