Deepak Mudgil and Sheweta Mudgil
  • ISBN : 9789389184907
  • year : 2021
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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This book will cover all aspects of food processing & preservation such as heating, refrigeration, freezing, concentration, drying, dehydration, baking, frying, irradiation, microwave processing, chemical preservation, high hydrostatic pressure processing, pulsed electric field processing, pulsed light & ultrasound processing, extrusion processing, dielectric, Ohmic and infrared heating etc. Recent developments in above mentioned topics will be covered in this book. This reference book will provide the learning material for students and research scholar of B.Tech, MSc/M. Tech Degree, respectively. Currently, food processing & preservation is a fundamental subject taught at graduation and post-graduation level in food related disciplines. Contents: 1. Heat Preservation and Processing 2. Cold Preservation and Processing 3. Freezing and Frozen Storage 4. Concentration, Drying and Dehydration 5. Water Activity in Food Preservation 6. Baking 7. Food Irradiation 8. Microwave Processing 9. Chemical Preservation 10. High Pressure Processing of Foods 11. Pulsed Electric Field Processing 12. Pulsed Light and Ultrasound Processing 13. Food Extrusion: An Expanding Need Based Technology 14. Dielectric, Infrared and Ohmic Heating 15. Enzymes in Food Processing 16. Membrane Processing 17. Solar Energy in Food Processing