Folk, Traditional Art and Crafts of Jharkhand
Ujjal Ghosh Edited by Bachchan Kumar
  • ISBN : 9789391045005
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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The state of Jharkhand epresents mesmearizing serenity and rich in natural aresources. Besides non-tribes, the land is inhabited by 32 tribes. Among the tribes, Mundas, Gonjus, Santhals and Oraons are the main tribal groups. They have rich art and cultural heritage. The present book Folk, Traditional Art and Crafts of Jharkhand by Ujjal Ghosh offers traits of a variety of folk, traditional art and crafts tradition which are performed on various social, religious and festivals occasion. The folk art is mentioned as a unique aesthetics of art which can be classified into tribal and non-tribal art but non-tribal art is hardly different to the tribal art. A wide range of paintings namely, Sahrai, Kohbar, Likhna, Santhali, Jadopatiya and Pyatkaris well practiced. They are well discussed along with their technical aspect. Tattoos are well known as a folk art form. This isw performed by a skilled person. The work of painting on the body is called as Godna. It conveys as adoration of beauty, affection for nature, family, society and a characteristic custom. The preparation of colour and technique of the Godna are mentioned in this text. The traditional crafts are well highlighted in this study. Besides Metai Crafts, Papier Mache Terracotta, Wood Crafts and Bamboo Crafts are nicely discussed. The Ornaments and textiles are the glory of the people of Jharkhand which this text mentions in detail. All the above mentioned art and crafts form are supported by illustrations. This text supported by illustrationas. This text contains a total of 175 illustrations. Discussion conclusion and deatailed bibliography are also presented in this text.