Folk Narratives: Rituals and Performances: An Intangible Cultural Heritage of Tamil Nadu
S Simon John
  • ISBN : 9788124608524
  • year : 2016
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Folk Narratives: Rituals and Performances reflects the world-view of the traditional societies and it is considered as an Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of a particular community or society. This study investigates the culture, in a particular sociocultural context, of the multifaceted Tamil society through numerous rituals, offerings, vows, customs, practices, belief systems, performing folk arts, fairs and festivals, dance and music, material culture, etc. which are deeply rooted in their cultural moorings, and practised and closely associated with the folk religion, life-cycle ceremonies and social psychology. This illustrative monograph systematically documents, investigates and discusses different aspects of ICH of Tamil Nadu - children's folklore, proverbs, material folk culture, oral narratives, folk gods and goddesses, and ritual practices. A number of colourful photographs enable one to grasp the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu at ease. The monograph will be of interest to scholars and researchers across humanities and social sciences especially those in folklore, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, religion, ritual studies, art and performance studies. It will also appeal to the general reader.