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Flowering Plants of Nepal: An Introduction

Flowering Plants of Nepal: An Introduction

Author:Keshab Raj Rajbhandari, Sanjeev Kumar Rai, Ganga Datt Bhatt, Rita Chhetri and Su
ISBN 13:9789937031486
Subject:Books on Nepal

About the Book

Contents: Foreword. Summary in Nepali. List of photos. 1. Introduction. 2. Studies on the Flowering Plants of Nepal. 3. Flowering plant diversity of Nepal. 4. Recent activities (1993-2017) on the publication of Flora of Nepal. References. Appendices. From the foreword: The history of taxonomical studies on flora of Nepal dated back to more than 200 years. The early taxonomical studies of Nepalese plants were carried out by the Europeans mainly by the British botanists. As a result of which the first book on flora of Nepal ‘Prodromus Florae Nepalensis’ was prepared in 1852 by David Don. Although a few but notably important due to pioneer work of its kind on Nepalese flowering plants, taxonomical works on Nepalese plants were published from 1802 to 1947. Since 1949 many British, Japanese and Indian expeditions carried out plant explorations in Nepal and published many important findings. Many important works on Nepalese flowering plants were published between 1949 and 1982, especially three volumes of ‘An Enumeration of flowering plants of Nepal’ in 1978-1982 by Hara et al. Even after this publication many plant collecting expeditions in Nepal were carried out especially by the Japanese botanists. Researches carried out in the Central Department of Botany (Tribhuvan University, Nepal), University of Tokyo (Japan) and University of Edinburgh (U.K.) for M. Sc and Ph. D degrees are noteworthy. Studies on the flowering plants are still continuing and newly discovered species and new records for flora of Nepal are being added.