Floriculturist Open Cultivation
D R Singh
  • ISBN : 9789352221493
  • year : 2022
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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First chapter Preparatory Flower Cultivation covers importance of floriculture and floriculturist, classification of flower crops, nursery raising, preparation of land for nursery, media for propagation of plants in nursery beds, soil testing, nutrient managements, IPM in the nursery, basics of the flower propagation, nursery tools and implements, use of growth regulators, selection and maintenance of mother trees, collection of scion wood stick ,techniques of propagation through specialized organs, corm, runners, suckers, plant protection, hi-tech nursery, high yield varieties of flowers, drought tolerance, transplanting, marketing survey and feasibility. In the second chapter, Cultivation of Flower Crops have been covered with emphasis on types of flowers for cultivation, estimate nutrient requirement for flower crop, crop spacing and border crops, time of planting flower crop, seed rate, integrated nutrient management, method of application of fertilizers, specialized practices, irrigation management, pest and disease management. In the third chapter, Harvest and Postharvest Management in Floriculture deals with practicing flower harvesting, identify harvesting stage, handling harvested flowers, grading of different flower, use of chemicals for enhancing vase life of flower, value addition of flowers , packing of flowers, tools for flower harvesting, storage and transportation. Chapter four Maintain Health and Safety at Work Place deals with health hazards at work place, practice general safety and first aid, maintain clean and efficient workplace, render appropriate emergency procedure, fire and emergency procedures.\nThis book has been designed to meet the needs of the floriculturists, students of Agriculture, Horticulture, Botany and layman flower enthusiasts, landscape professionals, horticulturists, nurserymen, amateur growers, enthusiasts, city and industry planners teachers as well as garden and nature lovers. Contents: Preface vii 1.Preparatory Flower Cultivation1 1.1 Importance of Floriculture and Floriculturist 1.2 Classification of Flower Crops Based on different Criteria 1.3 Nursery Raising 1.5 Preparation of Land for Nursery 1.6 Media for Propagation of Plants in Nursery Beds 1.7 Soil Testing 1.7.2 Importance 1.8 Nutrient Managements 1.9 IPM in the Nursery 1.10 Basics of the Flower Propagation 1.11. Nursery Tools and Implements 1.12 Use of Growth Regulators in Seed and Vegetative Propagation 1.13 Selection and Maintenance of Mother Trees 1.14 Collection of Scion Wood Stick 1.15 Techniques of Propagation through Specialized Organs, Corm, Runners, Suckers 1.16 Plant Protection 1.17 Hi-Tech Nursery 1.18. High Yield Varieties of Flowers 1.19 Drought Tolerance 1.20. Transplanting 1.21 Marketing Survey and Feasibility. 2.Cultivation of Flower Crops75 2.1 Types of Flowers for Cultivation 2.2 Estimate Nutrient Requirement for Flower Crop 2.3 Crop Spacing and Border Crops 2.4 Time of Planting Flower Crop 2.5 Seed Rate 2.6 Integrated Nutrient Management 2.7 Method of Application of Fertilizers 2.8 Specialized Practices such as Pruning Pinching, Disbudding, Netting etc. 2.9 Irrigation Management 2.10 Pest and Disease Management. 3.Harvest and Postharvest Management in Floriculture125 3.1 Practicing Flower Harvesting 3.2 Identify Harvesting Stage 3.3 Handling Harvested flowers 3.4 Grading of different Flower 3.5 Use of Chemicals for Enhancing Vase Life of Flower 3.6 Value Addition of Flowers 3.7 Packing of Flowers 3.8 Tools for Flower Harvesting 3.9 Storage 3.10 Transportation. 4.Maintain Health and Safety at Work Place147 4.1 Health Hazards at Work Place 4.2 Practice General Safety and First Aid 4.3 Maintain Clean and Efficient Workplace 4.4 Render Appropriate Emergency Procedure 4.4.5 Fire and Emergency Procedures. Index169 Flowers Gardening Calender175 Seasonwise Flowering Plants176