Flora of Eastern Ghats: Volume 7 Grass Gymnosperms Additions Keys to the Families and Floristics Analysis
Pullaiah T and S Karuppusamy
  • ISBN : 9789389719475
  • year : 2020
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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In seven volumes of Flora of Eastern Ghats a total number of 3,417 species of seed plants have been enumerated; among them Dicotyledons are dominant with 870 genera with 2433 species. Monocotyledons are 34 families with 304 genera and 978 species. Gymnosperms are belonging two families and 2 genera with 6 species in the wild. In this last volume of Flora of Eastern Ghats an account on grasses, Gymnosperms, additions since the publication of earlier volumes, key to the families and Floristic analysis are given. Key to the genera of Poaceae and Key to the species of each genus are provided. Like other volumes the enumeration of the species include citation according to ICN, basionym and synonyms, if any, to connect Flora of British India and Flora of Presidency of Madras, description distribution in India and the world. Poaceae is the largest family in Flora of Eastern Ghats with 365 species. Index to families, genera and species is given at the end. Line drawings for most of the species are also given.