Flora of Barak Valley Vol. II Herbaceous Flora of Cachar District, Assam
M K Baruah and M Dutta Choudhury
  • ISBN : 9789380570822
  • year : 2015
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Contents: Preface. I. General Introduction. II. History of the Floristic Exploration. 1. History of floristic works done in Assam and Old Assam. 2. District level study of flora and floristic works done in Assam. III. Present study and materials and methods. 3. Field and herbarium methods. 4. Presentation of flora. IV. Study Area. 5. Geography and physiography. 6. The river system. 7. Geology and soil. 8. Climate and climatic variables. 9. Vegetation and forest. 10. Forestry. V. Results. 11. Taxonomic account. 12. Description of Genera and species. VI. Discussion. 13. Affinities with the Flora of Barak Valley, Assam. 14. Economically important plants. 15. Summary. Conclusion. Bibliography. Index.