Flora of Andhra Pradesh (5 Volumes) (Revised Edition)
T Pullaiah, E Chennaiah and S Sandhya Rani
  • ISBN : 9789386347954
  • year : 2018
  • language : English
  • binding : Hardbound
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Andhra Pradesh, one of the 29 states of India, has been explored intensively by the senior author and his research scholars for plant wealth during the last 35 years. Bentham and Hooker’s system of classification has been followed in the enumeration of families with certain exceptions to accommodate recent changes. A dichotomous indented key has been given for families, genera and species. A total of 2880 species spread over 1112 genera and 177 families have been enumerated. Under each family key to the genera followed by the genus with its authority, key to the species, followed by species enumeration is given. The enumeration of species included the complete citation according to ICN, basionym if any, synonyms to connect to Flora of British India and Flora of Presidency of Madras. It is followed by detailed description, distribution in the state, flowering and fruiting period, vernacular names and specimens examined. References, Index to families, genera and species are given at the end. VOLUME - 1 INTRODUCTION Topographical Division Geographical Division Climate Geology Soils Forests and Vegetation Effect of Biotic Factors on the Vegetation Conservation and Management Strategies Coastal Vegetation Aquatic Vegetation Weeds Parasitic Plants Economically important Plants Past and Present Work Present Work ARTIFICIAL KEY TO THE FAMILIES OF FLOWERING PLANTS IN ANDHRA PRADESH SYSTEMATIC ENUMERATION Ranunculaceae Dilleniaceae Magnoliaceae Annonaceae Menispermaceae Nymphaeaceae Nelumbonaceae Papaveraceae Fumariaceae Brassicaceae (nom. alt. Cruciferae) Capparaceae Violaceae Bixaceae Flacourtiaceae Pittosporaceae Polygalaceae Xanthophyllaceae Caryophyllaceae Portulacaceae Tamaricaceae Elatinaceae Hypericaceae Clusiaceae Dipterocarpaceae Malvaceae Bombacaceae Sterculiaceae Tiliaceae Elaeocarpaceae Linaceae Erythroxylaceae Malpighiaceae Zygophyllaceae Oxalidaceae Balsaminaceae Rutaceae Simaroubaceae Balanitaceae Ochnaceae Burseraceae Meliaceae Flindersiaceae VOLUME - 2 Fabaceae Caesalpinioideae Mimosoideae Rosaceae Vahliaceae Crassulaceae Droseraceae Haloragaceae (Halorrhagidaceae) Rhizophoraceae Combretaceae Myrtaceae Barringtoniaceae Melastomataceae Lythraceae Sonneratiaceae Punicaceae Onagraceae Trapaceae Turneraceae Passifloraceae Caricaceae Cucurbitaceae Begoniaceae Cactaceae Molluginaceae Aizoaceae Apiaceae Araliaceae Alangiaceae VOLUME - 3 Rubiaceae Asteraceae Goodeniaceae Campanulaceae Lobeliaceae Plumbaginaceae Primulaceae Myrsinaceae Sapotaceae Ebenaceae Symplocaceae Oleaceae Salvadoraceae Apocynaceae Asclepiadaceae Loganiaceae Gentianaceae Menyanthaceae Hydrophyllaceae Boraginaceae Cordiaceae Convolvulaceae Cuscutaceae Solanaceae Scrophulariaceae Orobanchaceae Lentibulariaceae VOLUME - 4 Gesneriaceae Bignoniaceae Pedaliaceae Acanthaceae Verbenaceae Lamiaceae (nom. alter. Labiatae) Nyctaginaceae Amaranthaceae Chenopodiaceae Basellaceae Polygonaceae Podostemaceae Aristolochiaceae Piperaceae Myristicaceae Lauraceae Hernandiaceae Proteaceae Elaeagnaceae Loranthaceae Viscaceae Santalaceae Balanophoraceae Buxaceae Euphorbiaceae Urticaceae Ulmaceae Cannabaceae Moraceae Casuarinaceae Salicaceae Ceratophyllaceae