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Flamboyant Blooming Trees

Flamboyant Blooming Trees

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Author:Shobha Nagnur
ISBN 13:9789390435364
Subject:Botanical Science/Flora and Fauna

About the Book

'This book on flowering trees of the tropics displays the visual quality of trees and is intended to draw the attention of the common urban dweller to the beauty and majesty of the perennial flora, that dot the cities and country side. It is meant to make the passers by, aware of and make them stop by for a while and admire the beautiful creations of nature. The book contains in right proportion the interplay of pictures and explanations, adequate enough to titillate one\'s interest in trees and simultaneously satiate his curiosity to know more about the species. At a time when the growing population is rendering dense our habitations, and the climate change is only compounding the challenge, every citizen would do well to contribute to make a positive change.\n\nThe book Flambouyant Blooming Trees contributes to such a need by generating awareness and interest among the readers Read more Table of Contents Foreword v Preface vii Acknowledgement xi Introduction 1 Acacia auriculiformis 5 Acacia nilotica 7 Alangium salvifolium 9 Albizia lebbeck 11 Albizia saman 13 Alstonia scholaris 15 Amherstia nobilis 17 Anthocephalus/ cadamba/ neolamarch 19 Azadirachta indica 21 Bauhinia sps 23 Bombax ceiba 29 Brownea coccinea 31 Butea monosperma 33 Caesalpinia coriaria 35 Callistemon lanceolatus 37 Calophyllum inophyllum 39 Cassia fistula 41 Cassia moschata 43 Pink Cassia sps. 45 Cassia simea 53 Catanospermum australe 55 Citharexylum spinosum 57 Colvillea racemosa 59 Cordia boissieri 61 Cordia sebestena 63 Couroupita guianensis 65 Crateva religiosa 67 Dalbergia lanceolaria 69 Dalbergia latifolia 71 Delonix elata 73 Delonix regia 75 Dombeya spectabilis 77 Erytrina mitis 79 Erythrina indica 81 Erythrina blakei 83 Erythrina crista galli 85 Filicium decipiens 87 Gliricidia sepium 89 Gmelina arborea Read more About the Author Dr. Shobha Nagnur having completed her Bachelor's degree in Home Science, pursued her higher studies, and earned both masters and doctorate in Agricultural Extension from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad. She is a nature lover and a garden enthusiast with photography as a hobby. An avid traveler, both professional and personal journeys have taken her to nooks and corners of the country. This has lent her an opportunity to expand the horizons of her love for nature as a hobby into a more professional appreciation of the diverse and rich flora of India. She has used these frequent sojourns to capture through her lens, the myriad play of the plant world. She has been communicating to the general readers, the complex web of nature and environment by articulating in simple and readable form through her regular writings in newspapers and magazines. Of the three books that she has planned, the first one on climbers has already been published. This one on 'Trees' is shared with the nature loving readers, as a second one of the tri-series. Presently, she is working as Dean of the College of Community Science, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad.